Adrian Davis Malcolm Lensington (born January 1, 1860), more commonly referred to by his nickname, Adris, is the main character of the Adlicu Universe. He was a young human boy that lived on Earth in the Main Herimation who was turned by the Enigmas of Zefnari into a nantalide, a mortally eternal being who can shift their physical age to their whim.

In his human life, Adris was a young orphan who was raised at the St. Vincent Home for Children in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, having been there since infancy when he was taken in after his parents were mysteriously abducted by unknown mystical beings from another herimation. At the age of ten, after his best friend, Liam Jamison, graduated from the orphanage at age 13 and left, Adris encountered the Enigmas of Zefnari or the first time via an interdimensional window in the sky, and he learned form them that he was chosen as a rugent, or an overseer, of herimations.

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