A nantalide (pronounced "NAN-tuh-LYED") is a mortal being with extraordinary powers who can live on eternally and be capable of shifting their physical appearance's age at will. Nantalides can never obtain diseases, but can be killed by external means.

Since they have been around from prehistoric times in the herimations with the first of them in Rezalcus, they are one of the oldest races in existence. Since the herimations' ancient periods, nantalides are known to share their memories with ordinary beings and overlook the place of origin where they came from, and leave an air of mystique and power wherever they went. The most common trait for nantalides is to carry a sheet, either carried by hand or worn around themself, and they have an invisible distinct pattern of markings that lights up whenever they utilize their abilities. The markings can vary between members of this race, and the area where they appear lit up can range from their faces, to a limb or more limbs, to their torso, to any sizable area on their bodies.

The word 'nantalide" came into the English language from Zefnaric, from the word "nantyledh" (NAHN-tee-LAYD), which meant the same thing as the English word. In the Main Herimation, the word "nantalide" in the English language on Earth was first used in 1723 in the journal of the first leader of the Zefnari Hidden Society, Jonas Hutch, in England as he wrote down a record of a conversation between herimations he had with Atanephris in which the Enigma talked to him about the race.

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