A tranthean (TRAN-thee-uhn) is an unearthly giant humanoid being with natural telepathic abilities. They live in various herimations, as well as Azenria, with various ethnicities and types. In the race, there are four different sub-species of trantheans: the Hethruic sub-species, who appear as regular humanoids; the Rafunian sub-species, who have various colors of skin and scleras; the Amnadathian sub-species, who have attributal powers and physical features; and the Vardulican sub-species, who have irisless eyes and gills on the sides of their necks.

The four sub-species of trantheans had came to prevalence in the herimation of Harigkriul, which soon came to become their home herimation, but they have also developed in evolution in other herimations also. They had also lived alongside other races in those places, both peacefully and belligerently throughout the histories of the herimations.

The word "tranthean" was derived from the Early Dreet word "trénthiauno", which meant "tranthean", "a giant with mental force", and "a towering being".


The word "tranthean" came into the English language on Earth in the Main Herimation in the mid-15th century A.D. from the word trantheän in Early Drinch, which came from the Nezin word tranzeanac (base word tranzea), meaning "mind giant; tranthean", coming to the Modern Dreet word, trenthiauno, meaning "giant; great tower". Both the Nezin and Dreet words meant for any prominent giant, not always having to be a being like this, and so this usage of the word was also prevalent in the English language until about the 19th century A.D.

Knowledge and AwarenessEdit

From their size, trantheans are a letherical likeness of behemoths. In the past histories of herimations before visual knowledge of trantheans came to other races, trantheans were mainly imagined to be giants in different mythologies, but after calavial times, it has since been accepted to tell trantheans from mythological giants.

In modern times since the arrival of knowledge of the race, trantheans are now widely known by their giant bodies, telepathic powers, and their abilities to shoot out cords from their back that create energy shields and shoot energy beams or other offensive things from their throats.

Subspecies and EthnicitiesEdit

The largest subspecies of trantheans across herimations and Azenria is the Hethruic subspecies, who have appearances that are like humans, with varying skin tones similar to humans, hair, irises in their eyes, and human-like ears.